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Bask in the Glory of Hanging Baskets

Taking advantage of the wet weather, I was able to get my tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers into the ground.

These showers have given it all a good watering and helped establish newly-embedded plants. Try to get them planted by the end of the second week in June!

Now is also the time to make up your summer hanging baskets and plant summer bedding containers and planters. Close planting is very typically when it comes to such displays.

Whatever style basket, container and planter you use, consider using a good base compost and how you are going to water them over the next months.

As for the compost, most people will use a multi-purpose type when planting baskets and containers. Our raised bed mix actually already has compost mixed right in, so there is no need to add anymore to your baskets or containers. With compost added, you will not need to water as much do to the composts ability to retain moisture to your plants. The application of compost stimulated microbial activity and will help create a more nutrient rich soil that is particularly important to the health of your plants.

For baskets and containers you have a huge range of plants to choose from. The center of the basket will be an upright plant with cascading plants used around the edge of the basket which will tumble down the sides. Color-coordinated flower schemes are becoming popular, with perhaps hot or cool colors.

Whatever you decide to use, compact them in and make sure they are firmed in and keep the basket and container in a sheltered location and allow at least two weeks for the plants to become established before putting out for display. And keep the baskets and containers well-watered.


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