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Community Impact


Recent Partnerships

Throughout the years we've had the pleasure of giving back to our community through local schools, nonprofits, and community gardens.

Impact Report

Kansas City Composting diverts organic waste from landfills by recycling yard waste into mulch and nutrient-rich compost.

At Kansas City Composting, we believe in the power of giving back to the community through active participation in initiatives that promote sustainability and education. By raising awareness about composting, soil health, and recycling, we aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions that positively impact both the environment and our local community. Through programs tailored to educate youth about gardening and composting, we aspire to inspire future generations to become passionate stewards of the earth. Our commitment to cultivating a more sustainable and resilient future for all drives everything we do.

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*Please note that while we greatly value our past partnerships, we strive to distribute our resources across a wide range of organizations to maximize our community impact. Therefore, previous donations do not guarantee future support. We appreciate your understanding.*

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Gardening Together
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